Eastside Guardians provides tax assistance to 12 Eastside families in 2013

With the help of many individuals and sponsors such as Spring Austin Partners, Wells Fargo and the Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA), our organization has now been able to provide tax relief to 12 Eastside families. We are currently trying to meet the requirements of a $25,000 challenge grant which would allow us to help another 15 to 20 families. We have already raised $13,500 of the required funds. Please help us meet the match for the challenge grant so that we may more than double the number of Eastside families receiving tax relief.

Click here to read about our accomplishments in 2012.


Support the Preserve Eastside Affordability Campaign

On-line contributions via pay pal are available by clicking the donate button.

Make checks payable to the East Austin Conservancy.
East Austin Conservancy
P.O. Box 6462
Austin, TX 78762

Email: eastsideguardians@hotmail.com

Become an Eastside Guardian:

Donate $50 to become an Eastside Guardian.

Become a Guardian Angel:

An individual, a business, a church or non-profit organization can become a Guardian Angel by agreeing to donate or raise $2200, the average amount that we need to help an eligible family in the Govalle-Johnston Terrace Neighborhood.

Host a Fundraiser:

Agree to host a fundraiser with 10 to 20 of your closest friends.


Donate Your Time & Talent:

Musicians can agree to perform for free at a fundraiser.


Lawyers can agree to help families qualifying for assistance with legal services such as performing title work and developing wills.


Go door-to-door to:

(a) Eastside Business to ask them to support the campaign; or

(b) Eastside homeowners to inform them of assistance available from PEAC and other resources.